In many cases, the incorporation of a diesel generator is a matter of necessity to help address an energy crisis. We assist our clients in selecting the most suitable generator in terms of quality, durability, power, and price, ranging from 20kVA to 2000kVA.

Our reputable supplier network provides top diesel generator brands with running protection features, to prevent damage and exceptional customer support services backed by industry-leading warranties.

By comparing high-ranking brands with a proven track record, we ensure to help our clients identify the most effective generators and accessories at competitive market prices.

Connecting an on-site generator to the solar system allows for solar power during load-shedding while also saving money on diesel. Due to the solar system generating the majority of the load during power outages, Genset integration allows the generator to run on minimal capacity (30% – 50%).

Our standard generator canopies are powder-coated mild steel, which offers a level of protection from the elements, and acoustically silenced power generation.

Optional upgrades:
Aluminum & galvanized steel canopies.

Larger generators can be mounted on single or double axle trailers with independent braking systems. All trailers are fully licensed and includes an earthing spike, a fire extinguisher and a spare wheel.

We can arrange rigging for clients who are unable to pick up the generator kits themselves. In this case, a crane vehicle and crew will transport the generator from our location to the customer’s location. Once on site, these skilled workers can move the generator to the desired location, if the area is suitable for installation.

We also assist with distribution boards, automatic transfer switches, and cabling. Please enquire if you have a specific connection requirement for your generator application.