Who Are We

Officially established in 2005, MELJIN Business & Commercial specialised in the leasing and selling of industrial and commercial property across South Africa. As the country’s demand for energy stability increased, in 2017, our focus shifted towards the renewable energy sector, and MELJIN Energy Consultants was established.

Our Aim

Our aim is to speed up the country’s transition towards renewable energy, while enabling the individual to make the most calculated solar decision possible.

Meet The Team

Our company culture is based on the strength of our client relationships, and we believe that advice is inex- tricably linked to product solutions that best meet specific client needs. Our approach emphasizes advice independence, allowing us to provide our clients with impartial product and service option.

Avoid tariff hikes, and reduce your energy expenses from the first month.

Improve your brand, as one that cares for the environment

Reduce your CO2 footprint, and contribute to future longevity.

Power your home or business with endless solar energy and save on escalating energy tariffs